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Originally Posted by DOHC12 View Post
How do you know if your weed is laced? It is normal for a bowl to "spark" lightly when you inhale it? I'm going to Amsterdam soon and will definitely try "New York Sour Diesel" if the have it, along with White Widow. Anything else you recommend?

My favorite method of smoking is bong at night time, and pipe if I'm doing it throughout the day. Whats your weapon of choice?
Laced weed is pretty much a myth propagated by opponents of legalization. It makes no sense for a dealer to lace his product since cannabis is cheaper than anything that you would lace it with. It is more common for the consumer to enhance it themselves by dipping a blunt in codeine cough syrup or sprinkling a bowl with cocaine.

What you DO see from time to time is dealers trying to alter the weight of their product. Putting weed in the fridge with an orange peel will make it wet and heavier like Kiemyster described (and smell semi-exotic). My friend at the state crime lab has alsoseen crushed glass used to make the buds appear more crystalline and weigh out better.