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Originally Posted by Wissam View Post
Gents, I had the BMW PE installed yesterday on my 328i the first picture below of the OEM muffler, is the black rubber piece supposed to be removed along with the OEM muffler? I would have thought it should have been transferred to the PE muffler...

Second, the PE sound seems to be barely higher than the OEM, and certainly not as loud as all the youtube videos out my question is, when people talk about having the PE installed, does it mean just the muffler piece, or does it also automatically mean the "Y" shaped pipe piece (second picture below) which I think is called resonator delete?...I bought the PE from a private seller so don't know when one actually buys a PE from the dealer, does it come standard with the pipe piece or just the muffler and you'd have to buy the pipe piece separately?
I just checked my old OEM muffler and the rubber piece is still on it so I it's not supposed to be removed. My PE is much louder than stock but more tame than other aftermarket options. Give it some time it will get louder. The PE exhaust comes with the "Y" pipe and the muffler. It is a two piece with 3 clamps but I had mine welded. Hope this helps.