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Originally Posted by plokij View Post
dude, nobody cares about your personal issues with the lack of exhaust options for your car. this is a group buy thread started by a vendor for a specific product and most, if not all of us, who already put money towards it just want to get updates on that product.

you asked the vendor a question, and he gave you a quick, honest response despite the fact that you commented on how raspy you thought the product sounded at idle.

send the vendor a PM or whatever, but don't pound your fists in this thread looking for answers about why this product won't fit your car.

i understand where you're coming from and that you're frustrated, but you are
Im not frustrated with anything except for how rude you are, to be honest

I'm only confused that instead of thinking 'hey maybe this fits a 128i, lets expand our potential sales!'

The response i got wasnt 'quick and honest' it was 'oh i don't know and i don't want to know'

If it could fit my 1 series, what's wrong with me asking? Why do you seem so offended that a 1 series owner is posting in the 3 series forum??

And this isn't just for people who have already paid, they havethe other thread still saying people can buy in??

You seem like the kinda stereotypical bmw owner everyone dislikes :/

And i wasn't off topic until you decided to hae a go at me, pretty aure it's you who went off topic, i was asking questions specifically related to this product andthis thread in relation to my car... Go troll somewhere else yeah?

Ed: fwiw, i think it sounds pretty nice in that last video (i'm assuming on otherwise stock piping/res etc

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