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This product is for a 325, 328, or 330. It also has dual tips. No quads.

Will it fit a 128? It was tested and produced based upon an e9x chassis N52 drivetrain, specifically a 328. It was not tested on a 128. It is advertised as applicable for an OEM fitment on an 325, 328, or 330. Therefore, it is unknown if it will fit on a 128, but doubtful.

But why won't it fit a 128? Seriously dude, really?!

Does it come with quads? No

Does it come with quads? I wish it came with quads! No

Can you make it with quads? There's probably no point in doing that.

Why not? Quads are awesome!

It's not personal, this shit is just annoying. I apologize if I was too blunt in my earlier post.