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VRSF New 7" N54 Intercooler Review

2007 335i, Procede Rev 2.5 5_23 E85 maps, 50/50 E85 and 91 mix, BMS DCI, Eisenhaus Mufflers, VRSF downpipes,
VRSF 7” intercooler
Quality/Visual Impressions:
Welds appear clean. Fins look good with only 1-2 slightly bent. The VRSF core was noticeably heavier/denser than the stocker. Quality tbolt clamps included along with new hosing to remove stock rippled tubing. Also support brackets that mount to bottom of intercooler and utilize stock sway bar bolts to mount to.

Mounting Hardware

Much bigger than stock

Fins look very nice

Installation actually took me a bit longer than expected. Mostly due to me being careful about cutting off stock 1 time use clamps on factory piping. I was scared to cut too deep with the dremel and damage pipe below. Since my car is out of warranty the cutting required to front shrouding did not bother me at all. Instead of trying to retain all the plastic I could I just cut out most of the shrouding to make the install easier.

Everything aligned well and hoses were of adequate length to slip over stock piping and still have enough to seal on the intercooler side. Tightening the tbolt clamps can be a chore. Definitely recommend getting some gear wrenches to save some headache. I did have some trouble mounting the stock intercooler bolts through the tabs. The bolts were in a slight bind and I actually ended up stripping one since they screw into plastic. This was really not an issue though as the bottom support brackets do a fabulous job of supporting the intercooler and pushing it up into position.

Shroud Cutting

Shroud cut, Intercooler in place

Performance/Driving Impressions:
On to the ‘butt dyno’ readings. Butt dyno says it’s about the same delta I felt as when I installed VRSF downpipes. The difference isn’t too noticeable in lower rpm ranges but becomes very apparent in higher rpms of 3rd and 4th gear. In the higher rpm/load ranges the car just feels much more “alive” for lack of a better word. The car just pulls and pulls to redline now without struggle. I’m sure this difference can be attributed to the stock intercooler’s poor performance in the higher load ranges where it just can’t stop Intake Air Temps from rising rapidly causing timing reductions etc.
No apparent increase in lag was noticed at all.

Log Compare
I know the log I have is far from ideal for a comparison but it was the only stock log I had to compare the VRSF to.
Same day logs would've been nice but on the day I installed it weather wasn't fitting to high speed driving and I was anxious to install. So anyway, some data at least.
Important details on the log:
1. Ambient temps were within ~5deg of each other but humidity was much higher on the VRSF log as it was done recently vs the stock log which was done before desert monsoon season
2. The VRSF log was the 3rd of 3 runs vs the stock being the 1st run. Log failed to start on the first 2 runs. So I know the car was getting hotter on subsequent runs.
3. I shortshifted on the stock log for some reason. To match up the data I cutoff the log from the VRSF around the same point. From the graph it is clear to me the delta in temps would have only increased further had the stocker been ran out further towards redline.
4. I believe #1-3 made the situation much WORSE for the VRSF yet it still shows to be clearly superior

Most impressive to me from the log was how long the IAT curve stayed relatively flat with the VRSF vs the near immediate rise with the stocker.

VRSF has done it again for the N54 market. I'm convinced it's definitely a performer. Great product + great price = WINNING
Go, buy now…

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