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Originally Posted by SuperBmw View Post
What were ambient temps on the day you were testing?

Barely a 20 degree temp drop vs. stock intercooler seems low isn't it? I was just looking at some logs that showed a 40F difference in IAT's vs. stock, why's this one so much less?
About 97deg.
Read #1-3 and you'll see why.
This stock log is older and I cannot take a new "good" log.
The VRSF log actually had 32F+ improvement but you don't see it here since i clipped the data at that point I had shortshifted on the stock log.

I didn't post the comparison with the full run since the graph was sort of confusing. You had the VRSF being ran out to redline vs the stock being shortshifted. I have no doubt if I had a stock log out to redline the peak deltas would easily hit 40deg F

Also like I said I know this isn't ideal comparison but it's what I've got. People wanted to at least see some logs. On identical runs with both logs from the first run and each ran to the same redline shift I'm sure the difference would show itself even more.