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Weight loss

It is simple, but not necessarily easy.

Most Americans do not understand the difference between healthy foods, and foods that will help you lose weight. Example: Whole grain bread, brown rice..... Surely better nutrition than Wonder or Uncle Ben's white....but poor choices for weight loss. Within 30 minutes sugar levels rise with no difference for weight loss vs ice cream and a snickers.

I've helped many of my patients lose weight.

Boiled down to the simplest concept:

Your body will happily burn fat for you.....

If your blood sugar is dropping, and you've not stored sugar in the form of glycogen in your liver during the last few meals.

So basically, ANY food you eat that contains sugar, or can be converted to sugar stands in the way of burning fat.

Avoid obvious sugars (candy, cake, cookies), bread, pasta, rice, corn, potatoes
Eat proteins and veggies: meat fish, chicken, turkey salads, eggs, cheese

Keep in mind the subtle issues, ie some veggies do have sugars, carrots, beats.

Fruit is tricky. Truth is, fruit is almost always packaged with a lot of fiber, so, it tends to be hard to take in huge and damaging levels of sugar by eating fruit. Use it for your deserts, but be aware, it does have sugar of course.

Highly recommend watching "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" on You Tube. It will change your life if you are serious about losing weight.

Personally, I do not think exercise is mandatory. Exercise that increases your appetite and is not accompanied by proper eating could set you backwards.

Eating less is not the answer. Eating differently is the solution.

Exercise and eating less are not sustainable for the majority of people. It reeks of punishment, and the goal is not a correction for moral transgressions, rather improving your health.

Ie, it is against human nature to push away from the table when you are hungry. Don't fight it, have two bowls of salad, two steaks etc.....don't sweat the dressing or croutons, the salad is such a better choice than potatoes or bread, you'll come out ahead.

Anyway, good luck, I'm sure some people will take issue with my message, but over 20 years in practice, I've seen many excellent results.
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