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Originally Posted by EononCarDVD View Post
Hi Lawsonjrdn, thanks for your interest! Since your Logic 7 amp is the Fiber Optic cable, with digital signal, our unit can't work with it. Our unit can work with those analog signal amp. Hope you can understand.

About the 9 speaker, from the picture you provided, it should be 5.1 channel outputs, if you get an aftermarket 5.1 channel analog amp, you could connect our unit to the 9 speakers without problem.

About the heated seat buttons under the AC controls, if you install our D5114 unit, these buttons can't be installed.

Anyway, our unit is still quite affordable all-in-one unit with many good features, and with a steady & fast chip, can totally satisfy your need! Welcome to join the group buy!

Not being able to install the heated seat buttons and the other bottons for the all wheel drive and rear window sun visor is not a good thing for me

I was hoping to get in on this but not now, maybe there is a way you all can figure out a way to still have all of those buttons installed with your unit in the future ?