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The Silva v GSP would be the biggest fight in the history of the sport. I would love to see it happen. Both guys have been in the UFC at the top of the game for so long.

I did not see the Weidman v Munoz fight but I saw the highlights. It's hard to get excited because his only big wins come from Munoz and Maia. Maia is no longer a force at MW and maybe at WW. I think if Weidman beats 1 or 2 more top contenders he will be more relevant. People will remember Sonnen for the trash he talked, I don't see Weidman getting enough hype behind him. I think he's a worthy opponent but I can see how it doesn't interest Silva who's after the big $$$ fights.

His manager talks about it here

I think he said it pretty well, the 2 best fights right now are GSP then Rashad. I think both those fights would sell really well and are good matchups, of course Silva will still win though