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Originally Posted by gboop View Post
Which gear did you do the pulls?
Both logs were done as a 3rd to 4th pull. But because for some reason the stock log I had was shortshifted I cut the data off to line them up.
Thus the graph comparison is 3rd gear only to ~6000rpm.

The full VRSF log actually goes out to right at redline then into 4th for a bit. I had a graph of a full comparison of the logs but I didn't post it because I thought it would be confusing having different shift points and the stock barely going into 4th gear vs the VRSF going higher into 4th. Not easy where I'm at to take any log deep into 4th gear with roads and traffic.

The full log comparison actually shows higher delta once both are into 4th gear. I was just trying to line up the graphs closer to one another so I cut off the data and only showed the 3rd gear portion.