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Originally Posted by plokij View Post
they don't appear to be applicable to E9x
They posted threads in other forums of an e92 M3 equippe with them. So e90 LCI is covered too. They confirmed this via email with me. Don't know about prelci.

Originally Posted by JDane07 View Post
Mike is definitely a cool dude. Looking forward to bringing my car to his shop again. I'm just doing the blackout and AE's, nothing with the xenons (I'll barely have them on anyways with the new eyes )

Ehh too long of a wait to get those ordered and sent out to the shop. I'd rather just get the V2's installed now. What's the main difference b/t the two??
The v4 is brighter than e92 LCI lights posted above and are supposed to be seamless. So you can't see the individual LEDs. That is what they advertise. They are brighter than v2 for sure.