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OverBoost feature activates when you do the launch control. I ran 13.1 using launch control when I was bone stock with only 5k miles on the dash with stock RFT tires. Most N54 usually run 13.6 13.4 13.5 the most STOCK. The 370 torque vs the 300 torque shows a difference. Look up 335is drag for my video. If you notice when you use launch control the gearing and ratios and boost all changes. It basiclly sqeeze 7 gears into 4 gears for a 1/4 drag. Launch control dumps at 5k which will give massive wheel spin. Talk to BuraQ for how to trick the launch control and launch at 3k or 4k for a better launch out the hole. Even having FBO and pro tuned by Cobb, When I use launch control it feels faster than manualy launching it myself. gear shifts are smooth. shifts perfectly at the right spots that it tappers so you don't lose boost. I believe boost drops around 6k I think or was it 5kish. DCT Boost by Gears. Hope that helps and correct me if im wrong. I've done many things to the 335is.
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