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Originally Posted by Dark335Xi View Post
i have the same problem

any help??
read this thread

you need to have daten V41 files.

Originally Posted by Nr!que from another thread.
If you still haven't gotten the issue fixed maybe this can help.

you need an ODB cable and Laptop and use toolset.exe

Found in this forum

I have yet to try this since my car is in the shop..

I will try this and get back here so other people can find out easily

aaand the name of the value on toolset.exe is called steuern_reset_kurzschlussabschaltung
This is what helped me from bmw coding and i was able to fix it.

Try this,the complete text is from an coder in another forum (copy paste)

Connect cable to your car, launch Toolset32 and load FRM70.prg (for FRM2).
- In the window called Select job: FRM_70, select the job status_lampen_kurzschluss_counter. In the list Results select job_status and the lamp output which is shut off due to short circuit protection.
- Send the job to the car using the F5 key. You should get an answer in the Results window and the COUNTER value should be > 0. If COUNTER is = 0 then you didn't select the right lamp output. Try finding the one(s) which have COUNTER > 0. You will look at this value later to see if the short circuit reset-job actually worked.
- Now, switch job to steuern_reset_kurzschlussabschaltung. Notice that this job requires one (1) argument: lamp_nr. Lamp_nr is a number 0-255. Enter the lamp_nr to clear in the Arguments list and select job_status under Results.
- Send the job using F5. Make sure you get an answer OKAY in the Results window.

Note: I don't know the mapping between each lamp and lamp_nr, so I simply sent the command 64 times for all lamp_nr from 0 to 63. Try this - I guess it can't do any harm. Since lamp_nr is supposed to be an integer, I guess possible values for lamp_nr are 0-255.

When you have sent kurzschlussabschaltung-commands for all lamp_nr, do the first job again (check COUNTER). If everything is good, the counters which were > 0 before should now be = 0.

Also, I see there are two jobs which are named quite similar - steuern_lampen_kurzschlussabschaltung and _reset_kurzschluss_sperre. I don't know the difference between these two, but if one doesn't clear your counters, I would try the other one too. Both jobs require the lamp_nr-argument.
I wish you the best of luck!!

I know when i finally figured out how to do this i hadnt had an angel eye for 6 months and i felt like
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