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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
No, a friend of my brother had one (had, because he crashed) and it was fast but not fun.

Fun is not always about going sideways (or drifting)... fun is FUNDAMENTALLY about your actions on the steering wheel, throttle, brakes and the gear box translating into exact movements of the car in the RIGHT PROPORTION to those actions.

You can achieve this either with AWD, FWD or RWD... albeit it's much easier to do it with FR (Front-engine, Rear-wheel-drive layout) as the Toyobaru SO brilliantly demonstrates.

The Renault Megane RS is the best FWD car in the market today (it's a shame that you guys in the US can't test drive it). In the right hands it's fun alright... a different kind of fun, but fun nonetheless (see from minute 04:00):

The Megane RS with only 265 hp is capable of a Nürburgring lap time that the 1M (which was made for sideways fun) and its 340 hp can only dream of... did you ever ask yourself why?!

Tip: The driver that you see on the Nürburgring lap time video is driving only with his fingertips on the steering wheel!!!

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