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Originally Posted by Autobahn335i View Post
Hmm very weird that you get a limp mode on 1st WOT in the session. There's definitely something wrong with your car

BTW the wheel speed sensors are located in the wheel hub. So anything brake caliper related should not influence this weird problem if you suspect the speed sensors.
Not weird apparently, starts to make sense now that I reproduced the problem at home.

I don't know if the broken guiding bolt or the overheated pads came first. One of the 2 caused the other to fail and triggered constant rotor friction on the left side. There was no vibration but the rotation was not as free as the right side. With that setup in place, leave TC on and go WOT, instant limp mode. Repeat with TC off (even middle setting is fine) and the car just veers to the friction side as you'd expect.

Add a problem (pads overheating/broken guiding pin) to a driver omission (forgot to turn off DTC) to a built-in safety (DTC) and there goes a track day.