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Originally Posted by GOTMH8N View Post
well, I've had this car barely 3 weeks and after spending 2 hrs waxing it I was rewarded with this...

Hood needs replaced, bumper, grills, lower grill, and pass side headlight angel eye cracked

I was following another car going 30mph and it just decided to jump out in front of me and before I knew what was going on I had nailed it and sent it flying down the road
wow glad you're okay.. Its funny because this happened to me as well. I was in a small canyon and saw a deer crossing sign, i laughed because there couldn't possibly be any deer in that area. 10 seconds later Bambi comes out of no where, i slam on the breaks while it literally jumps over my car! Its hooves left a scuff on the back end of the car but that buffed right out
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