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A few modification questions


I'm hoping to get some input on a few issues I've been mauling over. I want to only do a few mods to my 08 335i and would appreciate some input:

ECU tune: I'm stuck between JB4 and Cobb. Is there a tiebreaker? JB4 is cheaper but it seems Cobb is more convenient and there are software updates...

Intake: since all I'm doing is ECU tune and exhaust and I live in California (I'm concerned about passing smog checks and would like not to have to put in stock just to pass), should I just do a drop-in K&N, or is something like BMS Performance Intake or DCI the way to go, or is there a better option?

Exhaust: I'm partial to HPF exhaust sound but just want to make sure that something like that won't cause me to fail smog checks or maybe there's an option that sounds good, gives a decent performance increase and still California approved?

Thanks in advance!