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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Just fitted the clutch stop. First i tried 3 spacers but the car didnt start. Then i tried 2 and it works It feels totally different now. Much better shifting.

Only thing is sometimes i have to press the clutch pedal with a bit of force for it to start. Does this mean that i need to use the same force when shifting normally? Or can i just press the pedal like normal? This does seem to work
Give it a few days and the imprint of the 'arm' of the clutch pedal will make an inprint on the rubber top of the clutch stop. Mine had a similar issue which went away after a short bit of time. All it means is that the clutch pedal needs to go down slightly more to activate the start button. If you feel the biting point of the clutch you will notice it is much further up than your clutch stop so you can shift gear as normal.