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Passenger Airbag - unfixable?

I have a '11 335i Sedan with sport seats, and I've been having problems with the passenger airbag since I got the car. The dealer has taken at least 4 shots at fixing it, and pretty much gave up on it at this point.

The problem I'm having is that the "Airbag off" light often comes on while my wife is sitting in the seat. She's not a huge woman - 110 pounds, plus purse, but I was able to reproduce the problem once with me in the seat.

Done by my dealer so far:
-updated the software (twice? three times?)
-replaced the matt in the seat
-cleaned and reconnected the connector
-acted smug and told me it's normal
-acted really smug and told me that it couldn't be reproduced (twice?)
-scanned for codes and found nothing every single time

At this point, I notice it every 10th ride in car, but it could be happening more often and I don't notice. The light shuts off after a short while, which is normal for no passenger, so unless I'm watching for it I might miss it. Next time it happens, I'm going to try and snap a pic of her and the light, but I haven't seen it in a couple of weeks.

Anyone else have this problem?