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well just met the insur adjuster at the body shop and so far without opening the hood bc it won't open, new bumper&bumper shroud, new hood, new headlights(yes angel eyes broke on each side), and the AC condenser was dented from where the grill was shoved in so that too. I'm hoping that's it, and I can just get the car back on the road ASAP.

I don't really care about an aftermarket bumper and it sounds like a hassle, I just want my car back that I've had less than a month lol

Lucky for me I haven't sold my other car yet, so I don't need a rental lol

AND thanks everyone, I am lucky I wasn't speeding. I was actually on my way to a big weekly car cruise-in at the local 1/4 mi track, and out of the 50 or so cars that passed 3 or 4 actually stopped to see if I was ok while everyone else either raced past me or rev'd as they went by which was nice while trying to talk to my insurance agent on the phone.

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