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Originally Posted by JTWCT View Post
Thanks! Those photos are amazing! How much did you use the hill descent control?
Hill descent control was awesome on the way down! It's the only time I have ever been in a situation where it was even remotely feasible to use.

I actually found myself playing with it quite a bit, it's very strange, its like you set your speed with the gas pedal, and it uses the brakes when you exceed that speed - i.e. if you back off the gas, the brakes come into play immediately to bring your speed down.

I agree climbing it yourself is a fairly magical experience. I keep wanting to go back but the first time I fooled myself contantly into thinking "Maybe I'm getting close..." and I started doing that roughly 1/5th of the way up.

I'm a little worried at hitting it again, but this time knowing the full extent of what I'm up against right from the start.