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Originally Posted by JoeyO View Post
Why do marijuana users often have to make it known to the world that they're marijuana users? For instance, your signature shows it in two places. Why? Is that the same as somebody showing support for the Yankees team? I don't get it. You're rooting for some marijuana team? Is it an Olympic sport in London perhaps. Curious minds want to know, because I've never ever smoked marijuana and don't necessarily plan to either.
valid question, there are many reasons. the main reason for me is to show the world that the stereotype is wrong, that there are people in this world that smoke weed every day and can be a perfectly functioning member of society. me for example, always top of my class, i work extremely hard and i play harder. i dont drink, i dont do drugs, i dont party, i just smoke weed, work, and study. i always hold down long term and meaningful relationships, and most importantly i function superbly when im high. No one knows im high unless they know me, otherwise ill put the sober face on and u would be clueless.

another reason is that people who smoke weed love to chill with other people that smoke weed. i dont have any friends that dont smoke, because their lifestyle and interests are different. people who drink and do drugs are immature or have self esteem issues. i smoke weed to hold a meditation because life itself is a meditation, from the time u wake up to the time u go to sleep. but people who smoke weed love meeting other people who smoke weed, long story short. i like people who i can smoke with and go get munchies with and go smoke again, not go to a bar everynight and get wasted. you spend more quality time with the people around you when you smoke weed, there is more room for bonding, its more social. people get high and open up to eachother, talk deep thoughts, share interests, etc...

it is also nice to openly come out with it because most people dont let people know they smoke weed simply because society frowns upon it. I have smoked weed with more CEOs, CFOs, VPs of major oil/shipping/gas/logistical/financial companies than anyone else at my age. I have been burning it down with the ultra elite of the world since i was 13 years old. I know from all of them that everyone fucking smokes weed, but the rest of the world simply cant know because it is frowned upon. u watch and see the day its legalized and it finally becomes acceptable how many people are going to come out of "the closet" and admit they are a pot smoker. when you admit u smoke weed, people who are close with u or dont view u as a threat will come out and admit they smoke as well.

finally, its quite simply to show that we are on the same team. all of us who smoke weed or accept the idea of it with open arms are all on a team, we all have to stick together. we all have to put up with ignorant cunts all day long who dont understand shit about this world, who have to treat us with social injustice simply for our preferences. so its nice to know when we see a fellow smoker we think "ohh great, this guy smokes weed, same team". because its really a war with two sides, you are either for it or against it, and that makes all the difference. it is the ignorance of man that will bring us all down.

hope u have got your answer. any more questions feel free to ask

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