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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
Passengers are overrated anyhow, unless its a bunch of hot chicks that are drunk @ 3am on a Sunday morning & require a lift home!
lol! ahahahah true, I learnt that the hard way. Reminds me of a journey I had when I had my e46 back in 2008. I picked up four girls from chapel street to give them a lift, exactly how you described. As soon as I picked them up, tables turned. Was on 1 point for the whole year and there was two days left to gain all my points back. (Now I regret leaving the house that night). Got stuck behind a car that was going through the red light, mind you it's a 40 zone and I was doing less than walking speed. I got delayed behind a car and ended up passing at a red light. Four cops that were walking and governing the crowd saw me on the spot and I ended up getting a fine and lost my license. I felt like the biggest loser in the world ahahah!