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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
While i don't disagree with most of your points, in fact i very much agree as it relates to the under lying cooroption that exists in Washington, but where's'your hope? I am optimistic a new administration and some new blood in the Senate will result in progress and hopefully reform; to what degree is anyone's'guess. Special interest groups have been apart of our political landscape for a long time and it's'not just Wallstreet, and i do not expect that is going to change anytime soon - unfortunatley. I still have faith in the our country and most of its' citizens, albeit that's'been waning lately, they will send the message this election cycle and if not, the next and so on...
Well, you're better off than I if you still have hope. I'm fed up with both parties and disgusted with the system because it winks at things that should be considered outright corruption and disguises acts of treason as "party politics." I dread the future. Or more precisely, I'm just hoping I still will have a retirement nest egg in 15 years and get to enjoy it another 20 or so, but I live in fear that some Wall Street snake will find a way to "invest it" into someone else's pocket. I'm no economist, but I understand enough to see that we're only kidding ourselves if we think the current status quo is sustainable.

The health care system is a black hole sucking money away from people who can afford it less every year. Fewer and fewer people will be able to afford insurance, so more and more costs will be passed on to those who do have insurance. As the costs rise, more and more of those people will give up their insurance and the cycle will continue. In the end, the government will have no choice but to step in and nationalize health insurance. If someone can explain to me how I'm wrong and set my mind at ease, I'd be grateful.

The flow of money continues to go up the ladder and the middle class continues to shrink. There will come a time when the have-nots will be the vast majority. When no one has money to spend, the economy crashes and burns. I know way too many people who were doing quite well just a few years ago and who are struggling now.

The average American voter is only interested in "facts" that can be explained in 140 characters or less. God forbid they have to read anything in-depth before they go spouting off about things. We're more concerned about Chick-Fil-A Day than we are about Romney's tax plans should he be elected. We complain bitterly about Obama's vacations yet seem suddenly uninterested in whether or not his administration was handing an arsenal of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels. There are so many important questions that need to be asked and answered, yet the next shiny news tidbit that gets flashed in front of our faces will distract us and make us forget all about the important stuff.

Where's my hope, you ask? Long gone, long ago.

To make matters worse, I'm a die hard Red Sox fan. Now that's truly depressing.

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