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Originally Posted by Gfabry View Post
I've a JB4, BMS DCI and running the new map 5 (e85 map) and a mix of E85. The car runs great, close to 390whp just with that. The JB4 takes 40min to install the first time, 20min the second time.
You have the choice of 8 maps, all different and great. I'm also amazed by Terry's support, every time you have a problem, email him and he will get back to you within 2hrs. Never seem a customer support like that, just amazing.
For the exhaust sound, I unplugged the wire going to the left exhaust flap so it's open all the time, it will give you a much better sound and cost $0.

This is exactly what I run and it works perfectly. The boost gauge in dash is something you will really miss with the cobb, and the ability to fill up with e85 for a power boost on demand is amazing. As far as install/problems, don't worry. Its really easy and I haven't had any issues.

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