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Originally Posted by montreal red
Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
You are correct Joel! I have the video Vbox Lite. 2 camera, gps, video recording. Unfortunately the OBD port is not supported for e92 M3 so you require a micro input module which I do not have at the moment but am going to add.
My memory card was a dud and I was not able to get any good data from my runs and the video is a mess. I did use my iphone/harry's laptimer so do have some video and data but not nearly as effective or accurate.

Shizzle I believe also uses the AIM Solo but has it mated to a Smarty Cam for the video.
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Sooooo jealous of you guys!

Always wanted a ride in Jaypods supercharged M ....

Hey Ken, link to that online form...?
yea i wonder how jaypod is coping with an m3 that is not supercharged now. must feel like he is driving a civic. lol.
Supercharger is removed...?

Why was it taken out? Not reliable on track?
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