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Looks like I'll be the King of this thread!

2007 335I- 96K miles, and some change

Most fun car I've ever owned, modded, and driven on the track, but most unreliable car ever! replaced a TON of stuff:
-Water pump
-Thermostat (didn't fail, just precautionary)
-3 HPFP's
-intake & exhaust solenoids
-Motor mounts (both had play. One more than the other)
-mechatronic seeling sleeve
-auto tranny pan gasket
-oil filter housing gasket
-oil pan gasket
-I drive controller
-oem tie rod assemblys froze. >70K
-oem sway bar links were all loosey goosey
-oem control arms died. >80K
good news is the tranny & OEM turbos are just fine.
'07 335I w/ Mods
'13 X1 Stock
'11 X3 K&N