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[quote=speedfan;12432861]I wanna play!

so classy.

Originally Posted by mapleridge View Post
they told me in email e92 and e90 lci are the same kit. It is available. Prelci might differ.
that's tight. wonder when/if oss will start using them. imo, the lci oem's are too bright and they "bleed" around the rings. way better than the old orange style, though. i actually prefer the pred v2's subtle look to new oem. and i LOVE the dotted design. not sure why umnitza is advertising the uniform look because you can achieve that with bulb replacements alone. i do agree that the v2's are a little faded in bright sunlight. so, the new brightness of the v4's should take care of that. and if they stay sharp and don't run off around the edges like the oem's, they'll be the hotness.