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Originally Posted by Arxos View Post
As the title says, I'm looking to purchase a car in the next week or so and I really need help deciding on what to get!
I've spent the past few weeks going to different dealerships and test driving various cars. I've narrowed my list down the following:
  • '08 BMW 550i
  • '10 Audi A4 Premium
  • '09 BMW 335i
  • '08 BMW 335xi
  • '09 Mercedes C300 Sport
  • '06 BMW 650i
  • '08 BMW 535i

I'm looking for a car that's a lot of fun to drive and looks great. The reason an A4 is on the list is because the one I'm interested in has an amazing interior.
I think you need to narrow your list down a bit more than that.

You have to first decide, whether you need an AWD car or a RWD car works.

Then do you want a coupe or a four door?

Last, do you want to have a V8, or a turbo V6?< This last one is kinda negligible since it really depends on how much you enjoy driving the car, after that its really just a question of MPG importance.

The only car I would immediately cross off is a C300. I've never driven such a bland car in my life-- I spent one week in it when our S was in service. Terrible, I just hate it.

Good luck.
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