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A few misfire codes, need some help

Hey guys, I am getting some misfire codes and need some help.

Story: Had car tuned for about 6 months now, it misfired 2 months after and new spark plugs fixed the issue. Now I am getting several codes, do you guys think I should get all the coil packs and injectors replaced? The car pulls fine, but under WOT it starts bogging and the check light =[

I have an appt for a downpipe install @ akm and would def. want this fixed before I get it installed.


Any help would really be appreciated, also is it really that hard to code these injectors ( id like to do it myself)

If the problem can be something other than coil packs or injectors than honestly i am done with tuning this car and will just ride stock. Starting to outweigh the benefits of the smile on my face / passengers when car is running and boosting strong, to the cons of dealing with this b@RFsh$t

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