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Originally Posted by Reardy Mister View Post
Hi Makkan,

I've got folding mirrors
Good news, folding mirrors with keyfob can be done. Done recently on 2009 E92.

Originally Posted by Reardy Mister View Post
for the door locks, I'd just like one press drivers door unlock only, two presses both.
AFAIK, it can be done as well.

Originally Posted by Reardy Mister View Post
If I leave them in the auto position, will that leave the angel eyes on anyway before it's dark enough for the headlights?

I'll check it today and see what I've got currently.
Yes, if you leave it in auto position, angel eyes should be on all the time. If not, then it can be coded. Bit tricky and variable with each car, but can be sorted

Originally Posted by Reardy Mister View Post
Any other useful coding ideas?
So many things depending on preferences. Few ideas:
1- Add digital speed on cluster. It helps when you are driving b/w average speed zone. You can monitor your ACTUAL speed with it.
2- Add Chrip sound on locking / unlocking: Although your indicators should give your visual feedback whether your car is locked or not but practically it is not always possible to WATCH those signals when locking your car.
If you have chrip sound on locking / unlocking then you can hear it without concentrating too much on your car and can continue with your family / other task.
3- With default settings, you wiper may stop halfway depending on when you turn off your car. You can code those to go all the way down despite turning ignition off at any time.

There are many other features, but it all depends WHO wants WHAT?