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Originally Posted by Gfabry View Post
My problem was coming from the decoupling element being missing on injector 3.
Try swapping the coils and injectors to see if the misfire follows, you will see where is the problem coming from. I know how frustrating can be with those misfire. I was fighting a misfire on cylinder 3 for a while, ended up changing the plug, coil and injector for cylinder 3 but my injector was missing the decoupling element and was still creating misfires.. Contact the member e90ish, I got coils for $30 and injectors for $60 from him.
Just spend an hour swapping coils and injectors and see where the misfire goes. Take notes of every change and result so you can keep track of what you have done
like member stated above the coils may be the main culprit, so i will just order a set of 6 and replace em all, car is @40k already anyway and with the injectors dont they have to be coded if swapped out?