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shock mounts

My friend who is installing some koni yellows for me told me that i might want to change my mounts since i'm doing the shocks and struts anyways. He's on vacation so I cant ask him and I dont know exactly what to buy, but i found this on the Turner site for $265:

Included in the E9X Mount Kit:
front upper strut mounts (also known as a guide support), 31306775098 (higher quality than 31336760943 strut mount)
A. rear upper-top shock mounts, 33506771737
B. rear upper-middle shock mounts, 33506767010
C. rear upper-bottom shock mounts, 33506771738
D. rear upper supporting cup, 33526764418 (sits over bumpstop)
rear lower shock mount (installs on spring arm), 33526768544

Is this all I'll need and is it a good price? things are adding up and I was thinking of coilovers, but i figure i'd need to buy this anyway, right?

thanks in advance.

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