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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
why wasn't the 128i included in that comparison!
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The 128i is not available in the UK... what best resembles the 128i is the 125i with the 6 cylinder engine and 218 hp.

Here it is... the comparo you asked for and from a german magazine (AutoBild)! I'm affraid it's another win for the Toyobaru :

BMW 125i vs Toyota GT86

It may sound surprising, but comparing the two opponents as sports cars, there can be only one winner: the Toyota GT 86. BMW 125i coupe makes for the more civilized package for everyday life and its engine is a monument in its own right. The better sports car comes from Japan, though. The GT 86 is tuned consistently to dynamic with ultra-agile temperament and precise handling, driving pleasure that does not have to cost 50,000 euros and/or require at least 300 hp. It works without turbo, active suspension and high-tech overkill. Lightweight, rear-wheel drive and high-revving naturally aspirated engine: The old concept still rocks.