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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
wow - what an insightful post.
I thought so.

Cops should show more professionalism than this guy did. A public office official acting like a jealous actor and overreacting to an otherwise routine stop? The majority of cops in my area are fully corrupt and constantly under investigation for things that range from corruption and misappropriating funds to gross misconduct causing death (not to mention the 'usual' excessive force etc).

The driver may have been a tool, but the cop should have acted a bit more mature like his badge would suggest.

This poster got it bang on:

Originally Posted by My3rdM3 View Post
The kid was definitely a jerk off for not waiting for the ticket....The cop was a huge asshole about taking it to level 10, definitely some "who the hell does this kid think he is" envy going on. At the end of the day , I feel sorry for the beautiful 458 convertible
Cop was/is a twat