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like member stated above the coils may be the main culprit, so i will just order a set of 6 and replace em all, car is @40k already anyway and with the injectors dont they have to be coded if swapped out?
Fuel Injectors need to be coded. Spark Plugs (usually need to be changed every 20-25k) and Ignition Coils (usually every 35-40k) are both direct swaps. I personally believe in changing all 6 plugs/coils because when 1 fails, the other ones are going to follow soon after.
Makes no sense to replace all coil packs. They don't fail together and they are supposed to last until 100k.
Replace what's needed not what might break.
You might as well replace the whole car on that logic. -.-
It's been 40k miles on my original coils, so seems logical to replace all off them now
Stock... with MPS