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Originally Posted by johanness View Post
I thought so.

Cops should show more professionalism than this guy did. A public office official acting like a jealous actor and overreacting to an otherwise routine stop? The majority of cops in my area are fully corrupt and constantly under investigation for things that range from corruption and misappropriating funds to gross misconduct causing death (not to mention the 'usual' excessive force etc).

The driver may have been a tool, but the cop should have acted a bit more mature like his badge would suggest.

This poster got it bang on:

Cop was/is a twat
much better and articulate post.

That said, I know there are corrupt cops out there. But what transpires where you're from doesn't necessarily carry over to what is going on in this situation. You implying that the cop is jealous or alluding that he is corrupt is speculation until proven otherwise. All we know right now is that the cop was issuing a citation for an improperly registered vehicle - which he is in his rights to do so. I do agree that this incident could have been handled differently from both sides, and the cop could have been a bit more professional. However, I think the Fcar owner could have obeyed the cops commands and just taken the ticket instead of attempting to drive off. Instead he provoked the cop when he could have just taken the ticket and contested it in court. After all, the cop did warn him a couple of times. Even if the cop did have an attitude or was on a power trip, or jealous, it does not excuse the actions of the Fcar owner.

At the end of the day, this is a snap shot in time. As you can see, there are many interpretations of this incident from a short video clip. Some context is missing, such as what was said initially when the owner approached his car and the cop, but that is lost in the back ground noise.
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