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my e92 clay barred

thought id show you all my 7 hours of hard work

wheels taken off washed, iron x, sealer, waxed twice, inner arches degreased and washed

car washed and dryed
used tar remover where needed
iron x put on car, then washed off, and car dryed
car clayed with mcguires clay kit and then washed
polished with auto glym polish and buffed off (microfiber cloths by hand for buffing)
sealer applied left for 30 mins then buffed off
coat of mcguires wax applyed and buffed off
whole car applied with mcguires quick detailer
windows cleaned with autoglym window polish

you will notice the bagde does not say m3 and i have posted my pics to show what can be acheived with a bit of elbow grease and the correct products, not here for a badge war or slagging match

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