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Originally Posted by S3RI35 View Post

do it, document details and post here :-)

Your E90 will make it.
Not worth it. 1,300 miles both ways, times 8 is 10k unnecessary miles (8 times there and back in 4 years at college).
That, plus whatever damages are taken to the car in consistent 100+degree heat driving all day long for 10k miles. I have to expect something to fail.
Also, housing the car in a public parking garage for 4 years, I expect some not so pretty door dings, scratches, or even worst.
I don't even know if I will use the car much in college, so after all that, it isn't worth it.
I would expect at least 2-3k of value dropped in 4 years, 10k extra miles, and any damages. I'm sure more value dropped than that.
I'll save the 3k, buy an e30 for 2k and have some fun. I've been dying for an e30 for awhile now anyways. I've als always wanted a turbo. Can you say turbo m20.
That was the first time I fully worked that out in my head so sorry for the unnecessarily long post

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