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328i coupe. Sport, Prem, MT.

56k. Second owner since 38k in 30 months.

Brake computer (so says dealer) replaced under warranty. Otherwise been great.

Got the itch, shopped and realized I can add $20,000 more and not have a better car that What I have.

Space Gray with Saddle brown with Poplar wood. No idrive and I dig the old school feel of my "touring" coupe. Its like a comfortable pair of nice worn brown shoes. Not cutting edge style but it suites my taste. Bone stock except for the rad poplar shift knob. Love the clean lines that make up the e92. Still the E46, E36 and E30 look great to me and Im just gonna settle in and enjoy no payments and just deal with the repairs as it comes.

I am very happy with this car!