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Originally Posted by EononCarDVD View Post
Hi phozenstone, thanks a lot for your interest!

I've PM the group buy price for you, would you like to join?

About the installation, actually it's very easy, since the unit is plug and play, but if you want to know more about it, please refer to our user manual here, there're some basic wiring instruction:

Hi obert, currently we only know the heated seat buttons can't be installed, but for other whel drive, did you mean the steering wheel control? If so, the SWC can definitely work without problem. If not, what specific buttons do you refer to?

About the rear window sun visor, did you mean you want to use a sunvisor monitor and a back up camera for reversing? If so, there's no problem connection them to our D5114, since there're video out and back sight video input in the unit. It's easy to mount them together.

Thanks a lot for your advice to the heated seat buttons compatibility, OK I've reflected to our R&D, hope they can find a way in the future. If there's any news, I'll update you, please keep an eye on us, thanks!
On the all wheel drive model there is another button were the heated seat buttons are call the Hill Descent Control (HDC). And if the car has a rear window sun shade the come up and cover the rear window that button is also there with the heater seat buttons.

So if they could figure out a way to just have the row of button on the bottom I am sure a lot more people would be looking into getting this unit for their car.

Thanks for the reply