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Originally Posted by Jake@PTF
Originally Posted by Sloppy View Post
It's just the fact that Cobb has been trying to work on something for the n55 for a long time now and it seems as if they have given up on it. ECU flash limitations or hurdles they can't get over etc etc.
Originally Posted by Sloppy View Post
I have no faith in Cobb actually working on the n55 platform... Hopefully I'm wrong though
Don't worry - Cobb is a household name in the tuning industry because they have some of the best "hackers" in the world, they are always proper and publically correct on forums, and their tuning platform is efficient and works.

They have been working on the n20 and n55 and when they feel it is ready it will be released. I will probe about it first thing Monday morning for you guys.
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