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1) at least 30 days. It will be traceable in your blood for only up to 4 days so you can easily pass blood tests. It will be traceable in your urine for at least 30 days. It will be traceable in your hair for as long as it grows out, you have to shave completely to reset it in your hair, your hair is like a timeline and shows every chemical and drug you consume throughout history. for example, if you didnt cut your hair in 6 months, and you smoked on and off for 1 month at a time it would show up that you smoked on and off separated by a month for six months. these factors vary by how much fat you have on your body, THC locks itself into fat cells and will store themselves there. a skinny person with a fast metabolism will be able to purge all traces of weed out of their system faster than someone who is obese by a significant amount. It is also important to understand how frequent and how much you smoke, if you are a heavy smoker your body will be able to excrete THC much more quickly than someone who smokes twice or three times a week, but you have to keep in mind how much fat you have on your body to determine how long its going to stay inside of you.

2)In my opinion, weed that is indica based is the best. make sure the nuggets you buy are very dense, you dont want anything with stringy leaves (thats sativa, avoid those). make sure the leafs arent yellowed out anywhere, thats a sign of malnutrition or a diseased plant. anything with seeds must be refused, unless its Jamaican weed. but if you get a bag of weed with seeds in it, be prepared to crucify your dealer. General rule of thumb is if the ounce costs less than $400, dont even look at it, dont even consider it to smoke, it cant be that good. people have to understand you have to pay for quality. rap stars and reggae artists easily spend $600-$900 on an ounce without hesitation to get the best weed, so dont be a cheap pussy about it. make sure the stems snap when you bend them, that means it is cured and dried and is ready to smoke.

3) tolerance will build up according to the quality of what your smoking and how often you smoke it. the way you smoke it is also an important factor as well as your body build + metabolism. I would say if you are smoking good weed then no matter what you will get high eventually. I would estimate that if you consume a strain with a potency @ 17% THC at a rate of 5gs a day for 3 weeks, at the start of the second week you will stop loosing the ability to reach the ceiling as quickly, by the start of the third week you would probably feel like you need to try smoking something else to get ripped as fast. here are some great tips on how to control and keep your tolerance low-

when you smoke during the day time use rolling papers strictly, use bowls/glass/blunts for the night. this will ensure you really feel the hit when the sun sets and your getting ready to let go the stress of the day. portion out how much weed you are going to smoke each day, and make sure to never smoke more than half by 4pm so when 420 hits you got alot of herb to smoke. I try to consume 30% of the stash for the day until 4pm.

If you feel like your tolerance is dropping, just take a week off from smoking, a break from monday to friday. I like to start my break on sunday night so i can smoke friday evening. something simple as that can completely reset your tolerance, make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water a day to ensure a proper cleanse. If you want to take a serious detox, i suggest the 7-10 day detox from herbal cleanse. they sell their premium detox kit at any GNC and it works wonders, I have been using it for 7 years now. resetting your tolerance is very important, it will ensure you dont end up smoking more than you have to.

any more questions feel free to ask, if you need me to elaborate further let me know.
You my friend are a living definition of "apply yourself to something, become better than everyone else at it and you'll be (VERY) successful"

I've been following this for a while, pretty good stuff here. I'm an engineer at a very established hedge fund and I agree that yes the rest of the world frowns upon it but it really isn't a bad thing. I haven't done it in about 4 years but that's because I'm too lazy to go fishing through the mediocre guys to get real good stuff. My buddy that lived next door used to get awesome sour diesel, it'd usually be me and him exchanging good conversation and thoughts in the evenings. His business shot sky high and he moved to NYC, so we don't get the chance to do that much any more, although I smell that diesel the second I walk into his office whenever I go. . . its "the good stuff"

The fact that you're a BMW guy and a Trini makes me want to meet and blow it down with you (if you're up to it)

BTW, I'm West Indian Guyanese, I support your cause