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Originally Posted by moreno1 View Post
Hey boys and girls,
I noticed that a new MTL thread was created so I'm asking my question again here just in case no one reads the old here it is:
i'm currently driving a E92 328xi 2008 and might be looking to switch to an 2009 E92 335i fully loaded except navi. it's very good deal in terms of price, but I'm on the fence right now due to the driving during winter in our beautiful city. So I would like hear from the "I" owners on how the driving is during snow storms and all. Should I stick with my 328xi or go for the 335i???
Thanks for all the input,
Basically the people who drive an i (including an M3) will tell you that it's wonderful and you will never have an issue. And people who drive xi's (me having been in the latter category) will say don't consider anything BUT. But in the end, it will depend on where you drive, how well the streets are cleaned, and how good a deal the 335 is. If you aren't buying through a dealer, make sure the warranty is either still remaining or the HPFP recall has been done

The 335 is obviously a MUCH more fun car to drive than a 328..... but RWD may or may not be your cup of tea.