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I wasted a day off to go to this place to have a look at an X3. The ones I saw were ok condition but one had crumbly discs and worn front tyres – not mentioned on the fairly new MOT (which I suspect was probably conducted on site). I was (unusually for mild-mannered me) quite bullish with the salesperson who tried to pressure me to put a deposit down and walked out when he wouldn’t take money off the price or increase my P/EX offer. My suspicions were aroused during the meeting by the fact that one X3 had no service booklet – ‘Oh they often get lost, it’s quite normal’. Another one I looked at had incomplete service history – the mileage hadn’t been completed on one of the stamped service intervals. He said he would get this from the dealer on Monday and get in touch. I have not heard from him since – I think he realised I wasn’t a pushover or maybe I was from TS – this place preys on dead ducks who go in and pay the asking price for cheap(ish) used BMWs. I have to admit that I was tempted despite the obvious warning signs, but had resolved today that I would look elsewhere.

And that was before I saw this web site and the very similar experiences of other people....... I would rather shit in my hands and clap than venture into that place again.

What also pissed me off was the fact that once you pay out for the car you have to pay a further 142.50 ‘buyers fee’ which I have never heard of. It's perverse and sums up what a complete racket it is.

I can rest easy now that I have saved these wretched people from getting another 15,000 of business.

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