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1/4 mile time for stock 335xi 2011 Sedan

I went to Cayuga today to the dragstrip. It was hot, around 27 degrees. It was my first time, so perhaps this is just a rookie comment, but wanted to get your feedback on my 1/4 mile times.

My times ranged from 14.017 @ 99.8MPH to 14.335. I had 7 runs and regardless of what I tried I always landed up in that range. Based on the times posted it seems rather slow, but just wondering if that in fact is 'the time'.

I did however, beat an IS350-F (modded exhaust) that did it's quarter mile in 14.555 as well as stock Mustang GT that did it in 14.657 so I'm wondering if a 14 second q-mile is the reality for a stock BMW 335i.

Note my car is completely stock. Run flats, no mods at all. Just the base 300HP an 300 pounds of torque.

Please let me know your thoughts.