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I have some ideas-

First, I propose to all that anyone with FBO and/or meth obligatorily participate- $25 is nothing to you if you have the cash to mod a car like this to that degree of spend or risk.

Second, we search and learn about how the high powered GTRs and EVOs (other high powered AWD cars?) upgrade their transfer cases. Compare the construction of those TCs to ours, assuming that if they are similar enough, that the issues as we continue to increase the power will probably be similar. We should also compile our "best guess" list of TC problems specific to the ATC300 that were likely to have been caused by hard brake boost launches and "from a dig" abuse. Those two focus points should probably provide a comprehensive upgrade. I have already emailed AMS to inquire on the TC build of their GTR. I did it from my phone during my gym time today so I didn't search for this information- chances are I should have and may get around to doing so tomorrow if I don't receive a prompt response (I apologize to all for my bad example- lack of proactivity)

Third, once we have a respectable list of people and research together, I can start working on finding a shop here in Phoenix that does metal gears. Phoenix has a pretty significant industrial scene, in which I do procurement/supply chain management for my current company. So I have a few contacts here that I can start with, and from there I can begin the whole process of finding companies that are willing to take on the one-off production run, then get the companies to price compete among themselves to get all of us the best price, etc.

The only potential speed bump I could see is some sort of liability issue, as was brought up by the Odometer Gears guy. This is where our xi community's proactive research comes into play- as long as we break down the TC and identify all of the potential weaknesses to propose a purposefully sound product, we can feel confident enough to perhaps sign some sort of waver stating that we won't hold the company liable if our requested upgrade is constructed to our specs and doesn't hold up. (This is different from a manufacturer's defect, of course)

From my point of view, this problem should not be the hurdle that it is. The xi community should not be as far behind and fear-stricken by the looming TC issues as it is... We should just put our heads together and figure this out. I really don't see any reason why this hasn't been done yet, aside from initiative. So I will start the procurement process and anyone else who would like to do so can join me in their area of the country, once we have enough information and players in place to represent a demand significant enough for a company to assume the expense of setting up for the production run.

I'd love more input and ideas from everyone, especially those of us who plan on modifying our xi's heavily, those of us who plan on keeping our xi's for more than 2-3 years, etc. All weather conditions aside, I'll bet everyone who drives a high boosted xi loves an aggressive brake boost more than anything else about their car. At least, I do. And having a rock solid TC will allow me/us to do this repeatedly without that nagging "I hope this isn't the time it breaks on me" thought plaguing our drag runs.