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Originally Posted by pits200 View Post
I guess I have no idea about the next step though, like what shop would handle a job like this?

Don't some of the evo guys have shops that upgrade their transfer cases.

I just don't know what else these shops would want upfront besides the transfer case. Like money for their time or what.
Specific to this, ideal is we find a modification/tuning shop to assume the responsibility of researching and building. This will take a lot of demand. I don't see a reputable tuning company taking on a project like this without a significant enough ROI. Which will take more than 20 e90post members. Probably. I could be wrong and would send out an email to make sure, provided that we had the demand.

The next step is seeing how many of us are proactive people and willing to contribute, whether it is by taking a spot on the list willing to purchase a TC, contribute ideas, etc.

Without discouraging the "on the fence" reader of this thread, I don't see us creating enough demand for AMS or any like company to take a stock TC and dive into it and do the R&D to figure this out. (Unless this community proves me wrong, makes my month in doing so, and we suddenly have a list of 40 people who wont flake when rubber meets the road)

It will probably take all of us researching as aforementioned to go to a metal fabrication shop to say, "Please take this plastic gear and make it metal" along with whatever else we decide needs to be upgraded. The Theory of Constraints may apply and we may or may not get it right the first time, but by phase 2 or 3 it should be rock solid. Once we have all of the upgraded pieces, we should be able to take it to any indy shop to take apart our stock TCs and replace the parts that need to go with their upgraded counterparts.

I think. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this public discussion of how we are going to eliminate what is believed to be our weakest link.