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Originally Posted by raf555 View Post
I'm in the same boat (have a E90 330d)...

A diagnostics check showed all 6 glow plugs are not working so the control unit will need replacing as well as all 6 plugs... NOT cheap!!

is it advisable to get it sorted asap or can it wait as I thought glow plugs are only really used in Winter when its colder??
But on other hand have heard if not sorted can effect the regen process leading to DPF failure??

I would assume that our weather is not cold enough to require an immediate change, but should really be sorted out as soon it is realistically possible. Again with regards to taking off the glow plugs unless they are 100% required, they can be prone to breaking off. Good tip is make sure the engine is a little warm and spray it with some shock and unlock to help it come off.

The controller should be under the manifold to the right of the engine loking at it from the front of the car