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Originally Posted by iamthe123 View Post
Hi Makkan,

Could do with your help as you seem to know what you are doing!

I have the BM Technic cable for my '56 e90.

Are you able to remotely code with this?

Do i need any specific software?

Not sure what i am doing at the moment but would love just the AEs on as DRLs (at the moment both the xenons and the AEs are on if i set headlights to auto and DRLs on in the idrive menu)

I would also like the mirrors (i have folding) to fold in on locking and fold out on unlocking.



Hi Shaun,

Unfortunately, BM Technic cable may not do 'trick'.

I can look into getting AEs as DRLS, but for that I will require your module details and files.
I can do folding mirrors.

At this moment I will be able to remotely code those cars, where owners have already installed software and have equipment but may struggle to code their cars. (limited people, mostly forum members)

However my FUTURE plan is to provide full software / coding support.

How will this work?

Few requirements:
1- Forum member should have fully working XP-laptop with at least 20-30GB in C drive.
2- Fully active wireless internet on that laptop (dongle will not do the job). Minimum speed should be 2MB.
3- Forum member should be minimum of 100 miles away from my place to get it coded. I prefer to code cars physically. Coding remotely is bit virtual.

1- No loose USB connections.
2- Laptop should hold good battery. Minimum of 90 minutes.
3- No silly speed internet connections.
4- No poor battery / voltage in clients car.

I will be sending coding cable + software to forum member, who will connect me to his computer remotely. I will be installing all the softwares on his computer and once done, I will ask forum member to connect coding cable to car and establish connection. Once connected, I will code the car.

Whole procedure will be taking 3-5 hours and it is a hard job to do remote coding if forum member is starting from scratch.

When will I be able to start this?
It all depends on interest of forum members. If there are enough, I will work on this project.
However, if not, then I will stick to physical coding bits and bob.

I hope I have explained in detail.